Well, here goes nothing. This may ramble on a bit. I have nothing planed.

Well, after AT school, I reported to BBP in Jan. '59. Immediately upon
arrival I was asked if I wanted to go to code school. Sure, I figured, why
not. If I remember right, it was held right on base. Spent 5,000+ hours with
the dits 'n dahs and after a six month involuntary extension because of the
Berlin Wall got out in May '62. Got married to a very nice Mexican named
Maria Teresa and will celebrate 37 years together in August. When I got out I
went back to work for the American Can Company because I was laid off from
there before joining the Navy so had about 5 years seniority right off the
bat.  After about a year joined the police force and stayed there about 2 1/2
years before going to DeVry Tech to get back into electronics. Worked in the
alarm/security field until '75 when I got a call asking if I was interested
in taking a job in Saudi Arabia.

Took over the electronics department for the U.S. Geological Survey in
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on a two-year contract. Stayed 3 years and tried to work
back in the states. Lasted about 6 months and found a job in Kuwait with
Marconi Avionics working on A-4KU Skyhawks. They had 2 Squadrons of 18 planes
each. Four were 2-seater trainers; the rest were single seaters. Three years
there and then back to Saudi for several other contracts with various
companies. The last one was with Fluor-Daniel Int'l building a 1
billion-dollar hospital complex in Jeddah. Was there for 4 1/2 years in
charge of all electronic systems (A/V systems, building automation, TV
production studio, etc). We were there during Operation Desert Storm and
entertained quite a few of the boys that were there with the military. We
left there in July '95 after about 15 years in the Middle East and returned
to the Chicago area where I took a job with the phone company, Ameritech, and
am still working today. Current position with MMG (Mini-computer Maint.
Group) maintaining desktop computers and laser printers.

We have three married kids. Two boys and a girl. Oldest boy has 2 boys and a
girl and the daughter has three daughters of her own. The youngest son just
finished college and was married last October and has no kids at this time.
Don't think they are planning on having any either. Oldest son works in
electronics like his dad, daughter works with computers and the youngest
works for TUG, Int'l who make the equipment used at airports to handle
baggage, push the planes from the gates, etc. Hope to put in a few more years
then retire. Maybe split time between somewhere in the states and Mexico.
Like Luke, I've bounced around a lot, seen a lot and have no regrets. Spent a
lot of time sightseeing while going and coming across the pond to Saudi &
Kuwait. Got certified in SCUBA while in Saudi and made many great dives in
the Red Sea. Now into Corvettes (down to a 1973 custom 454 vette now) and
enjoying old age.

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