After Navy separation in '61, I went to Sacramento City College. I
was taking mainly life science courses. Vaguely, I thought able going
into something like maring zoology.
    While I was a student, I worked parttime for the Post Office. Now I
know what is meant by the term "going postal," good pay but bad
personnel management. At the time, I couldn't believe how many retired
military people worked for the P.O.
    Charlie Kaufman and Richard Dempsey (former AEW radiomen) went
together into a fishing boat out of Eureka, CA. They split up, and
Charlie ended up as my roommate in Sacramento.
    To further supplement my income, my microbiology instructor; who was
a reserve commander, talked me into joining his reserve unit. God! What
a trip it was to be in a landlocked destroyer unit. When there was heavy
pressure for me to become a blackshoe, I decided to join a patrol
squadron at Alameda, and Charlie joined with me.
    After marrying in '65, my wife started as a junior high school
teacher, and I became a full-time student. Unsure of my interests, I was
a double-major, zoology and history. More interested in social activism,
I decided to stick with social science.
    Because of my activist activities, you could say I created my own
job. Working to establish ethnic studies courses on northern California
campuses, I went to graduate school in ethnic studies.
    Because of my work in ethnic studies, I was hired for that area at a
new community college in south Sacramento, teaching U.S. history,
minorities in America, Indians of North America, social problems, et al.

    For a time I was a consultant with the California Youth Authority, I
was with a group that dealt with the educational problems of juvenile
wards of the state. Some of my graduate work had to do with Chinese
juvenile delinquents.
    In the meantime, Laura and I had two boys. We seemed to have a
conception problem, so we had our kids later than you folks. One son is
25; the other is 20, and they're both still students. We'd love to have
grandkids, but I guess we'll have to wait.
    My wife, Laura, has spent most of her career teaching high school
high-risk students.
One of her former students, who is now doing time, was one of a group of
three who kidnapped Steve Wynn's wife (the owner of Bellagio in Vegas).
This guy was caught because he was giving his buddies $100 bills on the
    Because I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, my wife urged me to
retire from teaching; she felt I didn't need the stress.
    I've been adjusting to retirement by traveling, fishing, reading,
etc. There are people who are bored when they retire. I think boredom is
self-inflicted. You can do anything you damn well please, even flip
burgers! Home maintenance is not my favorite activity, but I know I have
some projects to complete.
    Another thing retirement has brought, because of having more time, I
was able to explore the Web, and look what happened. We've formed a
Barrier Web group.
    Charlie Kaufman went to work in maintenance at the Post Office. He
rose through the ranks to become a northern California administrator for
the Postal Service. When our patrol squadron was decommissioned, I
dropped out instead of transferring to a P3 outfit. Charlie chose to
affiliate with a national guard unit, and I believe he served in Desert
Storm. Since Charlie moved from Sacramento, we've lost contact.
Don Lee