Lee F. Kalsch, Post AEW bio.

Well,  after #16,  I sat the scheduling desk at BBP for 2 1/2 months.   My
enlistment was up 22Apr,  but they sent me out a month early.    At the time
of my discharge, I had attained AT-2, P-2.   I had taken the rate
advancement  exam at BBP, but the results were not available in March.
Had I known that I had made E-6, I may have hesitated a few more minutes
before takeing my discharge papers!   LOL

Marlene & I were married May 9,1961 in Minn.     We honeymooned at my folks
vacation home in Fla.      We liked that area,  so I took a job with Piper
Aircraft at VeroBch  in their newly  formed electronics R&D  division.   ( I
had aquired my "1st class radio-telephone lic"  at Honolulu  just before my
last deployment to Midway. )    So,  I also licenced most of the VHF
tranceivers that Piper ever built.     I  was with Piper about 4 1/2 yrs.
Then late '65 , as Piper was getting a little shakey with electronics,  (NOT
FAULT!! LOL)   I left there and went to Radiation Inc, ( now Harris Systems)
near Melborne, Fla.     That was a great job.   All cutting edge technolegy,
with surface
and aero space systems.   I was a Lead Tech,  which they called Engineering
Specialist  in System Intagration.   In 67 & 68,  I also went back to school
at Fla. Inst. of Tech.  at night,  but after two interruptions due to
project installation
assignments,  I never could get back into sync with my required math
courses. -  so, never got that EE deg.

Then, in the spring of 1972,  my folks were looking to completely retire
from business.      It was time for me to sh_t or get off the pot!   LOL
In June, after the kids were out of school,   we moved back to my home town,
Manahawkin, NJ.,  to take charge of the family retail furniture business.
We never looked back,   and never regreted it either.

The furniture business has been good to us.    It was 60+ hrs a week,  but
our home  was next door,  and our kids grew up in our store with us.
Then in '88,  as the econmy sagged,  we closed out our furniture and
converted our buildings into rental store units and warehouse spaces.     It
took a few years to get good solid businesses,  but we now have 100% rented.
All solid tenents,   Thankfully!

We have 3 childern, Barbara, Jim, & Janna.      All happily married,  Janna-
last may, on our anniversary. - - and our older 2 have given us  2
grandkids,  Taryn is 2 1/2yrs,  & Kean  19 months.

We now own the old Fla. home that we honeymooned in also.   Marlene & I go
down Nov 1 to get the place opened up and ready for winter use,  then back
to NJ for 3 wks over Christmas.  Then it's back to Fla 'til mid Apr.

When we lived in Fla.,  Marlene & I injoyed fishing and camping with our
younsters.  We were both active in our church and taught sunday school for
the 11+ years we lived there.     We also saw all the Mercury ( except the
1st one), Gemini, & Apollo launches  from our back yard or work.    That was
an exciting time also!     After moving back to N.J in 1972,     we both
were involved in scouting for about 16yrs.      I started as commitee member
in Scout Troop 23 and later as Advisor for Explorer Post 23,   - - also went
through Wood Badge, "Buffalo Partol".   That was a wonderful experience!
With scouting, and our family,  we have been avid conoe paddlers from Jersey
to the Mn. Boundry Waters       Now,  we are enjoying our small
grandchildern.    While in Fla. I play golf twice a week with the guys  and
a lot of fishing.   I'm not sure just where the rest of the time goes! LOL
I'll be 65 next Oct.

Our address is : Lee F. & Marlene Kalsch,  448 E. Bay Ave., Manahawkin, NJ,
08050, ph (609)597-5182.    and in winter:  11400 Indian River Drive,
Sebastian, Fla., 32958, ph (561) 589-4108.    ( no E-mail in Fla. !)