>Luke The Lid’s Bio
>After I was discharged (11-61) I went back to northern Wisconsin.  I
>around, tended bar, formed a rock band, worked for the Federal Forestry,
>etc. etc.  In Feb-1963 I ended up in Racine Wisconsin, going to work for
>Young Radiator, pushing a hand truck.  I took some time to review my
>opportunities and eventually posted into Inspection.  I quit Young’s in
>1965, pursuing a thirst for knowledge.  From 1963 to 1978 I held 20+ job’s
>(most of them I left as my choice, not theirs) ending up as Plant Manager
>a very large Jobbing, Machine Shop.  I quit there when I got divorced
>and became a Manufacturing Engineering Consultant, working out of my
>apartment.  I specialized in Computer/Manufacturing Systems, Metal Removal,
>Quality Assurance & the Heat Treating of Carbon & Alloy Steels.  Until 1993
>I led the life of a vagabond, busting my butt, consulting to get a “Nest
> Egg” and then fishing and golfing until I became short, which prompted a
>search for another client (I never missed a support payment).  I never had
>to advertise, as I have always enjoyed a very good Professional Reputation
>and  “word of mouth” kept me in clients.
>I am the type that always needs a "Windmill" to conquer, but one thing that
>I stayed with was Auto Racing.  I First became involved in 1963, as a
>chassis man on a AA/GD (drag racing) and we had the first car to break 200
>MPH on "Pump Gas" (Sunoco 260) in the Quarter Mile.  We ran that rail all
>over the country, including the hot (at the time) California Strips.  Later
>I went on to Oval Racing, encompassing Super Modifieds, Winged Outlaw
>Sprints, ASA, ARCA, USAC & NASCAR Stocks as a chassis man.  The highlight
>my racing career was crewing at Atlanta once for Joe Ruttman.
>In 1993 the “Croaker” told me that I needed a New Heart, so I had to
>I am not one to sit in the rocker and wait for that SOB with the scythe, so
>I have learned to live my slightly de-tuned life to the fullest.  I
>especially enjoy the company of my three Daughters and Granddaughter.   My
>Daughters lead their own lives, but we are much closer now, as compared to
>when they were younger.
>In retrospect? Not too shabby for a Self Taught, Northern Wisconsin “Stump
>Luke The Lid