I got an "early out" to go to college in Sept.'61 and started San Francisco
State College.  Made it a year till I got laid off from my job.  Got married
during second semester.
Went to work at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.  Followed an engineer to
Siliconix Inc.  That was my start and "education" in semiconductors.  Became
a "mustang" design engineer after a couple years.  I was convinced I should
complete my education so in 1970, I got my BSEE from The University of Santa
Moved through a number of companies, always designing analog integrated
circuits.Had two kids, a boy,now 35 and the natl.sales mgr for a shoe
company, and a girl, works for a home builder.
Worked for a Honk Kong based company for 2 years and went to Hong Kong 4
times a year during that time.
Went to Scotland as part of a start-up in power semiconductors.  Travelled
all over Europe on business.  We did well till 1987 when the stock market
burped on Oct.17 and our last round of financing collapsed.
Back in the U.S. without a job for the first time in my professional career.
Went to work for a British owned company and travelled to Britain a lot.  Got
hooked up with a tiny company in Chicago that does R&D for the ear.  Work for
them still.
My wife died in early '88.  Met a great lady and got married in 1990.  She
also has two kids, one of each.  All 4 of our kids are married and live
within 2 miles of us.  We have 5 grandsons.  We are waiting for my daughter,
hasn't had any kids yet, to supply the grand daughters!
We travel a lot, been to Australia, Bermuda, Hong Kong, France, Britain,
Ireland, Germany (Oktoberfest), Canada, Italy Greece, Mexico, Hawaii and a
bunch of the good old U.S.
I am into Motorcycle sport and sport touring riding.  I have a Ducati 900ssSP
and road raced for a bit during my wild early 50's.  Still into cameras, 35mm
and 4X5. Just got certified as a scuba diver last year.  Also enjoy most
music and stage plays.

Maybe I will partially retire in a couple years.  I like what I do and would
like to back off into working half the year and traveling the other half.

Norm Matzen
ex AT-2 Electronics Crew Chief on state-of-the-art airborne early warning
aircraft called the Willy Victor with AEWBARRON PAC.