On November 3, 1998, I received an e-mail from Mrs. Judy Hively (formerly Judy Clark) inquiring about the crash of a WV-2 out of Barber's Point, Hawaii (then, the territory of Hawaii [T.H.]) on December 23, 1957. The aircraft was attached to VW-14 and was on a training flight.

    Aboard the aircraft was a crew of 23 Navy airmen including her brother Robert O. Clark.  Clark was cited for extreme bravory by his action in saving a fellow crew member and in the process, sustaining injuries that cost him his life.  This commendation can be read in this web site.

    This page, conserning the crash of WV-2 (BUNO 143197) 25 miles off of Kahuku Point, Oahu, on December 23, 1957,  is dedicated to those who lost their lives that day while serving their country.

Cellam, Douglas D.
Clark, Robert Owen
Cook, Shearl L.
Dodd, Harold O.
Maltby, Francis
McBride, Mark N.
Murdaugh, Henry
Neil, Robert H.
Pietruciolli, Michael A.
Polson, Clarence W.
Price, Charles ( recovered)
Raymond, Daniel D.
Richards, William J.
Roberts, Douglas E.
Rush, James ( recovered )
Slay, Charles E.
Staff, Robert
Webb, Lewis H.
Woodward, Frederick E. (Commander)

Surviving Crew Members

CDR Guy Howard, Jr.
Ltjg. Richard Rentschler
Ltjg. Thomas Kline
Franklin A. Henry, AT3

A very special thank you to Judy Hively for generously providing all of the
information that is herein contained.

News Paper Articles and Letters

Life Magazine ( 1/6/58 )

Chicago Tribune (12/26/57)

Chicago Daily Sun-Times (12/26/57)

Frankfort Morning Times (12/27/57)

Indianapois Star (12/25 57)

Indianapolis Star (12/26/57)

Honolulu Advertiser (12/26/57)

Article (unknown source)

Letter from Thomas Kline To
Family of Robert Clark

Letter from CDR Gordon Brady To
Family of Robert Clark

Letter from Capt. Wm. J. Scarpino,
Commanding Officer,
To Family of Robert Clark

Letter of Commendation to
Robert Owen Clark

Log of USS Lansing
One of DERs assigned to
Search and Rescue