Log of USS Lansing, (DER-388)


1806 Received standby notice from Commander, Hawaiian Sea Frontier to get
         underway for SAR mission to search for US Navy WV-2 aircraft
         reported overdue with last known position at Lat. 22-1O N. Long. 157-56 W.

1858 Commander Escort Squadron Seven came aboard.

1921 Underway from Berth 23, U.S. Naval Shipyard, Pearl Harbor, T.H. to Lat.
        22-10 N. Long. 157-56W. in accordance with ComHawSeaFron msg 240550/Dec 1957.

1945 ComcortRon Seven shifted his pennant from USS Fessenden (DER-142) to
        this ship. Broke the pennant of ComCortRon Seven.

2005 No. 4 Main engine cracked a piston.  (this is ship's Engine)

2014 Starboard engine ahead flank port engine ahead standard. No.4 engine
        reported out of commission.

2110 Mustered the crew on stations. 82 men and 12 officers on board.

2158 Passed Kaena Point light abeam to starboard.

2217 Sighted white flare bearing 028.

2234 ComCortRon Seven embarked in Lansing designated by ComHawSeaFron
        as On-The-Scene Commander. Other ships in the area included the SS
        Hawaiian Farmer, USCG Cutter Bering Strait, and 2 Kaneohe Marine
        Corps Air Station AVR's. These units were at the scene of debris
        and lights found by U.S. Air Force aircraft and were proceeding with
        the search and recovery of debris and survivors.

2253 Sighted four white flares bearing from 020 to 025.

2315 Sighted white flare bearing 028.

2343 Sighted flares bearing 070.


0045 Sighted flares bearing 350.

0046 Received notice that one of the AVE's recovered 4 survivors
        and 2 bodies in the area of debris. Commenced search for additional

0210 Sighted faint bobbing white light bearing 140.

0219 White light determined to be the masthead light of USS Carpenter
        (DDE-825) entering the area.

0245 Sighted debris in water. Commenced maneuvering on various
        courses and speeds to investigate and recover. Debris sighted was determined
        to be floating wood, paper plates, one closed parachute pack or life raft
        and one open parachute. Recovery was delayed at this time to continue search
        for survivors.

0615 USS Carpenter (DDE-825) with Commander, Destroyer Flotilla Five arrived
        on the scene with the USS Fletcher (DDE-445) and assumed the duties as
        On-the-Scene Commander.

0735 Commenced working with helicopters. This ship assigned No. 9.

0745 Commenced maneuvering to recover sighted parachute and other debris.

0800 Mustered the crew on stations, absentees none, except the
        men who unavoidably missed the ship on sailing.

0819 Helicopter sighted life raft.

0821 Detached to pick up life raft.

0831 Commenced maneuvering to recover life raft.

0850 Recovered life raft.

0922 All engines ahead standard proceeding to investigate debris
        sighted by Helicopter.

0952 Life Jacket sighted in water. Commenced maneuvering to
        recover life jacket.

1000 Life jacket, inflated, recovered.

1010 Commenced maneuvering to recover debris.

1020 Recovered fuel dip-stick.


0000 Steaming in company with Commander, Destroyer
        Flotilla Five embarked
        USS Carpenter (DDE-825) and the USS Fletcher (DDB-445) on an
        SAR mission, in accordance with ComHawSeaFron Msg 240550Z Dec
        1957. OTC and On-the-Scene Commander is ComDesFlot Five.
        Commander, Escort Squadron Seven is embarked. Steaming in a line
        abreast scouting formation on base course 300, base speed 12 kts,
        distance 1500 yards. Guide is the USS Fletcher. This ship in
        Station 2 and the USS Carpenter in Station 3.

0110 USS Durant (DER-389) joined the formation in station 4.

0342 Detached to investigate a light sighted by search aircraft.

0525 Maneuvering to pass through datum and commence a clockwise expanding
        square search with a 2 mile sweep width.

0538 Commenced search.

1619 Sighted object in water on port beam.

1625 Object identified as wooden crate.

1756 Detached to proceed independently into port, and released from
        SAR mission.

This log was submitted by Terry Moberg, a former crewman aboard the USS Lansing.  Anyone wanting to e-mail terry can reach him at  < tmoberg@brainerd.net >.