Crash of WV-2, 141324, Patuxent  River , MD  August 9, 1962


On August 9, 1962, 141324 with 17 crewmen and 2 passengers on board, was on the return flight from NAS Corpus Christi, TX to the home station at Patuxent River, MD.

The Lockheed WV-2, from the Airborne Early Warning Training Unit, Atlantic (AEWTULANT) crashed while on landing approach in a heavy rainstorm.  The aircraft came to rest short of the runway, on the edge of a pond, and burned.

There were 5 fatalities with the rest of the crew and two passengers escaping with injuries that ranged from very minor to severe. Several of the survivors suffered burns from the fire.


Pilot - Lt. Walter R. Filmore

Copilot Lt. Cdr. W.I. Anderson

Flight Engineer-John Mark Heinbach ADCM

Radar Tech Dale L. Payton AT2

CIC Radar Operator- Kenneth W. Taylor  ACW3

Surviving crew:  

Lt. Dan Daniels, Navigator                      Larry R. Thomas ADR2, Flight Engineer

LTJG A. J. Pongress, Navigator              James W. Coursey AT2, Radioman

G. Russell ADR2, Gnd Support              J. L. Hackbarth ATR3, Radioman

James Gettle AE2, Electritian                     D. M. Weathers AT1, Radar Tech

J.E. Bruner AC3, CIC Operator              A. F. Edwards AMC, Gnd Support

G. R. Foshee AM2, Gnd Support           J. W. Kilgore AD2, Gnd Support

Surviving Passengers                 

LCDR L. R. W. Duncan, Passenger       Capt. W. H. Belcher, USAF, Passenger