Lee Kalsch, Dick Vie and Monte Clark


The effort that has gone into the restoration of 311 is of a dimension hard to describe with words.  These pictures of the folks who put in so many hours of sweat equity can only show a moment in the time they have truly contributed to this project.


Gerald Durbin, Lee Kalsch Bob Fitzsimmons, Bill Shoemaker and Don Lee have collectively put in the lions share of hours at Rantoul.  But the special talents of several others who are mentioned elsewhere on the pages describing this restoration can not go unnoticed.


There are those of use who had only a day to spare, or maybe only a few hours.   These folks, too, felt a need to contribute that bit of time toward the project.  I count myself among them and can say that it was a special experience!


Not only former crew members showed up to help, but a number of wives and friends and even a few who were just interested.


These pictures show that interest in the restoration was shared by those from both BarPac and BarLant.  This has truly been a multi squadron effort which corresponds with the "All Squadron Reunion" that will be held here, at Rantoul in the coming year. Come to Rantoul if you can and see what your shipmates have done.  Above all, come to the reunion!

                                                        Wes Mortensen