Work Crew Pic in shade of wing:  

Standing L-R: George Burger, Lee Kalsch, Bob Hodes, Ken Linkos, Gerald Durbin.

Seated L-R:  Dick Jones, Dan Wood, Don Lee

Down Front: Bob Fitzsimmons, Steve Ross

June Kooyman and Marlene Kalsch cleaning bunk straps


Foreword bunk area


Don Lee sitting at Radio Position.  Committed to  removing every bit of bird s--- lodged in any

nook and cranny on this aircraft.!


Gerald Durbin power washing fuselage.


Mock counsels fabricated by Charlie Lybrook and Dan Wood.  Charlie also 

delivered Plotter table in Aug.  (not shown)


#4 engine cleaned


Another view of #4 engine.


Lee Kalsch power washing elevator, inside and out.


Gerald Durbin on Skyjack and Bob Fitzsimmons on platform

removing starboard rudder for refurbishing.


Left Aileron servo.


Jesse Davies and Don Lee Masking windscreen for painting.


Jesse Davies masking aircraft markings for painting.


Don Lee just can't get enough masking.  It's his life!


Everything needs masking!


Gerald Durbin spraying 311 with the correct colors.


Think you can contain yourself?



Oh mama!!!




Gerald is working on parts of rudders and elevators to be covered and reinstalled.


A hardy WELL DONE to the shipmates and friends who pulled off one of the closest things I've seen to

a miracle in a very long time.  Under the leadership of Gerald Durbin, who has made 311 an avocation,  hundreds of hours

of sweat was put into making this display ready WV-2 rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes.  And according to one of those

who labored there, at Rantoul, it was to honor every crew member who stood watch in this graceful platform. 


This is the only "Willy Victor" available anywhere on the globe to be truly visited hands on.  You are invited to visit the

museum at Rantoul IL and recapture a piece of your history in a way that until this moment was not available to you.